Many In Athens Not Worried About Postal Service Changes

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The United States Postal Service could be closing the Athens mail processing center soon.

The Athens facility, along with three other processing facilities in southeastern Ohio, are on the review list for possible closure. The Postal Service is considering closing nearly 250 mail processing centers throughout the U.S. including facilities in Chilicothe and Ironton.

When asked, few Athens citizens were aware that there was a mail processing center in the city and did not see any impact of the possible closure on their lives.

One Ohio University student is worried that the closure of the processing facility could affect how students get mail.

"It would hinder a lot of students because we get a lot of our books and process our mail here, so it would definitely, I think, slow things down."

One Athens man says Athens won't be the only city in Ohio affected by the closure of the processing center.

"The thing you have to realize is just how much mail it is they're processing because if they're closing local post offices around the area this is going to be kind of a hub .  And if they close this, then where is everybody else going to go."

The Postal Service could start announcing closures as early as March.