VIDEO: Athens Co. Commissioners Say No To Moving 911 Center

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Athens County has no plans to move the 911 Center from its current location.

Commissioner Larry Payne says, "It's not something that's being considered at this time."

In early September, the 911 advisory board committee voted to recommend a stand-alone call center facility for Athens County to be built in response to complaints from numerous departments.

The center is currently located in the basement of the sheriff's department.

Last Thursday, the committee sent that recommendation in the form of a letter to the Athens County Commissioners.

Payne says commissioners talked about the letter at today's meeting and have decided that it's not in the best interest of the county to move the center now. 

He says the primary reason is that there isn't money to make the move.

Payne also says they are in the process of developing a master building location plan for the county and it would be premature to move the center now.

Scott Warner was recently named 911 director.

Payne says, "The idea is to give Scott Warner time to implement some of his ideas to address the issues there."