Walk A Mile In Her Shoes

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Ohio University’s “Walk a Mile in Her Shoes” event celebrates its 4th year next month.

The national event began one decade ago when its founder, Frank Baird, wanted to create an interactive movement for men to stop rape, sexual assault and gender violence.

The organization began with a few men donning high heels to literally put themselves in women’s shoes. 

The small group then developed into a global event and made it to Athens with help from Ohio University’s Women’s Center.

The event is a significant one for Ohio University students, as sexual assault is a prevalent issue on campus.

College women are four times more likely to be sexually assaulted.

Thomas Raabe, a graduate assistant working at the OU Women’s Center, remembers the event in previous years as light-hearted and funny, while still maintaining the founder’s initial mission.

The organization seeks to educate the public on the causes of sexualized violence and provides assistance and empowerment to women.

Raabe says, “It’s a fun event and it’s fun because that’s a good way to get people to talk about this serious issue.”

Last year, more than 150 male students participated in the event. More than 200 participants are expected at this year’s event.