$900,000 Research Grant At OU To Be Used For Cancer Research

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An Ohio University biomedical engineer has been given more than $900,000 in federal funding.

The money is going toward two projects aimed at developing new diagnostic tools for disease, including one that could identify aggressive cancer cells.

Monica Burdick, an assistant professor in the Russ College of Engineering, says that the goal of this project is to save lives.

"We're trying to think of new ways to diagnose and predict ways how cancer might spread throughout the body and the ultimate goal is that we're going to develop these new tests to help patients survive longer," says Burdick.

Burdick says that this funding has improved the quality of their experiments.

"We have the time now to really perform those experiments and be confident that we're developing good tests to diagnose cancer," says Burdick.

 Burdick says that at the earliest, these experiments could be done in five years.