TVC Shakeup: Conference to split into three divisions

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The biggest decision for the Tri-Valley Conference in this young school year didn’t come under center, in the gym, or at the plate.  

A 9-6 vote was made at this month’s league-wide meeting to split the 43-year-old league into three divisions beginning in the 2014 season.  

The new system will split up the TVC-Hocking into two subdivisions: North and South.  The North will consist of Wahama, Belpre, Trimble, Federal Hocking, and 2014 addition River Valley.  The South includes Eastern, Waterford, South Gallia, Miller, and Southern.  

The current format separates the 15-team TVC into two divisions: Ohio and Hocking.

River Valley was originally intended to become the seventh member of the TVC-Ohio (Nelsonville-York, Athens, Alexander, Wellston, Vinton County, Meigs).  

The new system would lessen the number of non-conference games TVC-Hocking schools would play in each varsity sport.  

The most recent addition to the league came in the form of Wahama, which became the Hocking division’s ninth school in 2010.  That was also the year the league unanimously voted to add River Valley for the 2014 season.  

Trimble, who was kicking around the idea of moving to the Ohio Division, announced that it would stay put at the September 14 meeting.  

There were no talks about whether or not the league would add more schools.