Rio Grande Celebrates Record Enrollment

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The University of Rio Grande/Rio Grande Community College has its highest full-time enrollment level in four years.

The school has also restructured its academic program into three colleges, Health and Science, Liberal Arts, and Professional Studies.

President Barbara Gellman-Danley says the purpose of the creation of the three academic colleges is to connect similar students with each other.

"The whole idea is to get students of like interests grouped together so they can share classes and move toward degrees as a team," says Gellman-Danley.

Gellman-Danley says the high number of students on campus is a positive thing.  

"If anything's crowded on a campus, that's a good sign. In this economy, it's really critical that people get retraining and education with every subsequent degree; high school through professional degrees. There's a very big difference in lifetime income," says Gellman-Danley.

Gellman-Danley appeared on WOUB Television's Newswatch program last night.