Stolen WV Ambulance Found In Lawrence County

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A Cabell County ambulance has been located in Ohio, after being stolen in Huntington.

911 dispatchers say the ambulance was on a call in downtown Huntington about 12:30 a.m. when someone got in and took off.

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GPS showed the ambulance was in Ohio. Since it was not an active pursuit, the Lawrence County Sheriff's Department went in search.

The ambulance was eventually located along Leatherwood Rd., just off OH-243 near Getaway, Ohio, but the driver was gone.

Residents of Leatherwood Rd. told authorities they were alerted when the heard the ambulance siren outside. They said they saw a man exit the ambulance and walk up the road, before headlights appeared and he ran up a hill.

A Huntington Police K-9 unit was called to the scene, but could not track the suspect. According to the Cabell County Sheriff's Department, residents told Lawrence County deputies the suspect was approximately 6'0 and 300 lbs.

The ambulance sustained some damage, including a missing right front tire.