LGBT Groups Aims To Bring Awareness To Defintion

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As TransWorld Awareness Week gets underway this week, there is a focus on the acronym LGBT, which stands for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender. 

However, often the most attention is given to the first two letters, and bisexual and transgender individuals tend to blend into the background.

One explanation could be that the public is not as familiar with these terms. 

At Ohio University, the LGBT Center looks to bring awareness to the forgotten letters. 

Director Mickey Hart feels that is possible in Athens. 

“I think that overall it’s a great community.  As the LGBT community here at Ohio University, we have to make our own fund,” Hart said.  “We can't rely on other groups and organizations to provide a wide range of events and activities.”

This is part of the reason for organizing the first transgender awareness week at OU. 

“I don't know that it's something we'll do every single year, but it is something that we'll do from time to time, and then from here on out, we'll also be increasing the number of transgender awareness events,” Hart said. 

Sophomore Nat Hansen identifies as transgender and offers suggestions for why the last two letters in LGBT tend to get lost. 

“Just purely on the demographics of the community, it's largely lesbians and gays and bisexual and transgender people tend to not be as involved,” Hansen said.

Hansen claims he’s one of only three transgender individuals who actually attend LGBT events. 

“Because we're a minority of a minority, it can sometimes lead to people in the LGBT community disregarding issues,” Hansen said.