A Career Fair Success Guide

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Each quarter, Ohio University hosts a Career Fair that allows students to explore possible internship and career positions.

More than 100 companies from around the world participate, hoping to grab the interest of Ohio University students to fill positions.

This event is highly competitive. However, students can employ some basic strategies to make the upcoming Career Fair in January a success.


Before attending the fair, job seekers should be prepared:

-Polish your cover letter and resume.

-Consider career services for assistance on building a strong cover letter and resume.

-Research the organizations and companies that will be present. It will help to learn about their services and career opportunities.

-Use your research to create conversation starters and develop specific questions for potential employers. Avoid general and broad questions.


Candidates should consider the following while at the fair:

-Introduce yourself with confidence and a solid hand shake.

-Dress in good taste and plan an outfit ahead of time. Professional dress is required in order to attend the Career Fair.

-Show a potential employer you have done research on their company; you will be able to explain to them how your knowledge and personality is the right fit.

-Stay organized and take notes so you are able to recall conversations. Most likely, you will be talking to several companies and potential employers.


After the fair, there are additional steps one can take:

-Follow up as soon as possible. If a recruiter asks for additional information from you, get it to them as quickly as possible.

-Send a thank you note to those you spoke with, even if you were not asked to send additional information to the company. Remind them who you are by touching on the conversation you had, and restate your qualifications and interests.

-Make revisions to your cover letter, resume and interview techniques. While at the event, you may realize a couple of things you wish to change; take note of these changes before too much time passes.