Volunteer Firefighters Can Now Continue Education Online

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Southeast Ohio volunteer firefighters are excited that they are now being offered online training courses that fulfill education requirements and come at a huge savings.

The Ohio Fire Academy is now offering a new program which is set up so that each individual firefighter can do their specific section of training online and then later review the training in a group setting to make sure everyone understands what they completed.

Hamden Fire Department chief Jim Beckner says the new program allows the volunteer firefighters to continue meeting their educational requirements but on their own time.

"It enables us to meet our continuing education requirements without going off site to a facility to accomplish that and when you have volunteers that work different shifts and various hours that it will enable them to sit at their home computers or our computers here at the fire station and obtain the training that they need," says Beckner.

Beckner also stated that his fire station is very excited about this new opportunity and they are looking forward to the money it will save them in the future.

"We're just really happy that the fire marshall's office has made this available and we look forward to completing the training for the first year and see how it goes. I'm confident that it will go well and we hope to see more of this type of training available as time goes on," says Beckner.

The program costs $20 per year per firefighter and sign-ups have already started.