A Guide To Studying Abroad At Ohio University

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Studying abroad may seem like a daunting process, but Ohio University students make it happen each year and reap the rewards. When one looks at the process step-by-step, it makes considering a program easier.

Deciding on a destination:

Each country has something unique to offer along with a diverse cultural experience. Several factors one should consider before committing to a program are the country’s language, safety concerns and courses available to study.

What to do:

Finding where to go may be difficult, but choosing a program to study might be easier. For instance, courses available include anything from Rock and Roll in England to Spanish classes in Spain. Many students have opportunities to take classes abroad in their major field.


Funding the trip can be nerve-racking, but there are ways to make it happen. Students who receive financial aid are able to use their aid for the trip. Students can also apply for scholarships that are specifically designed for studying abroad.


While getting everything planned for traveling overseas can be a difficult process, one peer advisor at OU’s Office of Study Abroad, Gina Mussio, said the experience can be rewarding.

 “Studying abroad, as cliché as it is, changes you. You're going to go and you're going to learn about other people, other cultures and develop those cross-cultural communication skills, become a little bit more independent, more capable and maybe even a little bit more compassionate,” Mussio said.

Students who are interested in traveling overseas can find information at the Office of Education Abroad website.