Athens Company Hiring For New Product Line

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Global Cooling says it's off to a hot start with a product that keeps things cold — very, very cold.

The Athens area company is making an ultra cold freezer and shipping it to customers all over the world.

Sold under the Stirling Ultracold name, the freezers operate below -86 degrees centigrade.

The units are designed for use in biomedical and electronics research.

Neill Lane is Global's president and chief executive officer.

He says they now have 30 employees and are hiring more.

"We have promised the state that we will create 70 jobs and we have job creation tax credits on that basis," he says. "We will grow to well over a hundred people within the next couple of years."

Global Cooling recently moved to a new plant in The Plains.

The company today invited reporters to see the ultra cold freezers at Ohio University's Innovation Center where three of the units have just been installed.