Logan’s Struggles Continue Against Jonathan Alder

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Jonathan Alder hit hard at Logan tonight. The Chieftains' defense fell short early on in the first half, most notably when the Pioneer's quarterback, Nate Squires, threw a 34-yard pass to Alex Randall for the first touchdown of the game. Jonathan Alder followed up this touchdown with a second one before the end of the half, bringing the score to 14-0 Pioneers.

The Chieftains failed to recover from the tough first half as Jonathan Alder continued to plow through Logan's defensive line. Halfway through the third quarter Tyler Parker had a 3-yard run into the end zone, putting the Pioneers' up 21-0. Jonathan Alder wasn't done racking up the points just yet. By the end of the fourth quarter the Pioneer's had three more touchdowns to add to the scoreboard.

It was the combination of fumbles and incomplete passes that took a toll on the Logan Chieftains, giving their opposing team the upper had from the start of the first quarter. Jonathan Alder ended the game with a score of 42-0, adding another win to their undefeated season.