Jackson Fire Chief Back Home

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Jackson Fire Chief Doug Reed is back home after a long and difficult journey.

Reed is a member of the Ohio Army National Guard and on April 11, 2010 he was struck in the face by a rocket propelled grenade while serving in Afghanistan.

First Sergeant Jim Robbins says that when he heard about Reed's injury, he had no doubt that Reed wouldn't give up without a fight.

"When I heard what had happened, just knowing Doug and his determination, I kind of thought he'd be okay. I kind of thought Doug would make it so, just knowing how determined he'd be, he'd be back," says Robbins.

Sunday in a ceremony at Jackson Middle School, friends and family members honored him by talking about that day back in 2010 when he was first injured.

Reed was also awarded a Purple Heart, which he had first received shortly after his injury but does not remember because of post-traumatic amnesia that lasted for 55 days.

He says that he is very happy to be back with his family in Ohio and he has big plans for the future.

"I got to get smarter, so I enrolled in a doctors program in college, and I thought about going to EMT school and doing stuff that I can give back to the community," says Reed.

His wife, Dana, says that all soldiers should receive the welcome home ceremony that they got.

"There are so many other people, so many other men and women who serve our country, who deserve a welcome home.  Everyone deserves a welcome home like this one we got. So I feel very humbled, very grateful."

Reed has had 13 surgeries, including one where they took his fibula and reconstructed his jaw and has had 9 plates put into his face.