Homecoming Celebration Dates Back To The 19th Century

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Homecoming is an event filled with dances, parades and partying that high school and college students expect yearly.

The occasion also welcomes back alumni school members to reminisce on their time at that particular school.

But what many students do not realize is that the tradition they are celebrating dates back to the early 19th century.

Homecoming is believed to have originated back in 1891 when the Missouri Tigers matched up against the Kansas Jayhawks

The two long-time rivals typically played on a neutral field but this year was different.

Due to new conference regulations, the two teams were set to play on Missouri’s University’s campus.

Missouri's Director of Athletics, Chester Brewer, wanted to ensure good attendance at the newly-located game.

Brewer invited all alumni members to “come home” and help cheer their team to victory.

More than 10,000 alumni members attended the event, which was also host to a parade, bonfire and spirit rally.

The homecoming tradition was said to have spread from this event, but some historians do not agree.

They say that homecoming dates back to either Baylor University in 1909 or University of Illinois in 1910.

But regardless of which college was the originator, it is safe to say that this event is one that will not be forgotten soon.

Homecoming is now celebrated by high schools and colleges all over the country.

Today the festivities often include the crowning of a king and queen, a parade, and a pep rally that is all centered on a football game.