Athens County Sheriff Likes New “Bath Salts” Law

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The Athens County Sheriff says he's pleased with a new law that's in place which bans the sale of synthetic cannabinoids and bath salts.

Pat Kelly says he'll be sending deputies to do routine checks on stores to make sure they're following the law.

He says the penalties for breaking the law vary.

"It'd be a misdemeanor for selling it. The ranges are between misdemeanor, minor misdemeanor, same as marijuana to a felony of selling it in the presence of a juvenile or in the presence of a school," says Kelly.

Under the law, Ohioans are no longer allowed to possess, sell or manufacture the chemicals found in bath salts.

Kelly says bath salts are very dangerous drugs.

"There is a false perception that just because it's a synthetic drug or a designer drug, that it's safe because you're buying it from a department store or from a convenience store, but in reality, these drugs are not good for people," says Kelly.

The sheriff says he hasn't had a major problem with the drugs in Athens County, but some of the surrounding counties have.