Parkersburg Potato Chip Company Resumes Production

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Mister Bee Potato Chip Co. has resolved financial issues that disrupted its production and distribution.

President Doug Klein tells the Parkersburg News and Sentinel that the company resumed production Sunday. But it could be several days before stores receive their full supplies.
One of Mister Bee's potato suppliers, E.K. Bare & Sons Inc., sued the family-owned Parkersburg company in federal court last month. E.K. Bare & Sons alleged that Mister Bee owes it more than $215,000.
Klein says a judgment of more than $201,000 was entered Friday against Mister Bee. That freed the company's accounts.
He says the family had provided personal financing to maintain Mister Bee's operations. But the company's cash flow wasn't sufficient to reorder all supplies or run at full production.