Parkersburg Potato Chip Company Faces Lawsuit

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A West Virginia potato chip manufacturer is facing distribution problems and a lawsuit from a supplier.

Mister Bee Potato Chip Co. President Doug Klein told customers in a recent letter that the Parkersburg company lost distribution rights to Utz and Snyders of Hanover potato chips.
As a result, Mister Bee lost more than $2 million in sales revenue.
Klein also told customers that a potato supplier, E.K. Bare & Sons Inc., sued Mister Bee in federal court last month. The lawsuit claims Mister Bee owes E.K. Bare & Sons more than $215,000.
The Parkersburg News and Sentinel obtained a copy of Klein's letter. He told the newspaper that Mister Bee is working through some distribution issues and doesn't plan to close. He declined further comment because of the litigation.
Klein's grandfather, Leo Klein, founded the family-owned company in 1951.