Humans vs. Zombies Guide

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This week starts the annual event of ghoulish festivities.

Humans vs. Zombies is a giant game of tag that lasts an entire week, but the rules are extremely different.

In this event, participants of the game are split into two teams: zombies and humans.

After selection, zombies try to turn all of the humans onto their side, while the humans attempt to accomplish particular missions.

Nerf guns and sock balls are like kryptonite to zombies; humans use these to kill zombies for short periods of time throughout the day.

Despite ammunition, most human participants will be infected and turn into zombies.

However, there are ways you can survive the outbreak and stop the disease from spreading.

Always Be Vigilant

Remember that zombies do not sleep. They do not care if you are running late to class.

Whenever you are outside you are susceptible to infection–be aware of your surroundings.

Traveling with other humans can be a good idea, except, it also leaves you exposed.

If you are with a human group and one of the humans you’re with gets turned, get out of the area.

Do not worry about the other people you’re with.

Be Prepared

Keep a Nerf gun on you at all times. Walking to class, carrying an umbrella, you may be attacked.

Also, be sure to have enough darts and sock balls, in case of an ambush.

Know the Zombies Powers

Certain zombies have special powers–you will be able to identify them by colored glow sticks around their necks.

Special zombies should be avoided at all costs, unless you are prepared.

The Witch is a zombie that is only aggressive towards humans when provoked.

You will be able to see her by a green glow stick.

This zombie will only be seen during missions and will stay in one area.

The witch is immune to all Nerf darts and sock balls until 5 seconds after being provoked.

If she is shot after this time, she will become inactive and return to the original area.

The Tank is an aggressive zombie that is bent on the destruction of humanity.

It’s a loud, angry creature that will yell and try to provoke humans.

While the tank is huge, it’s also really slow, thus easily outrun.


While you are fighting for your own survival, remember the outcome of the game affects the outcome of humanity.