National Flying Competition Coming To Regional Airport

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Ohio University's airport will play host to a national flying competition next week.

The National Intercollegiate Flying Association (NIFA) is holding the Region Three SAFECON Competition at the Gordon K. Bush Airport.
The competition will be held from October 24-27.
George Armann, the Assistant Chief Instructor and Flight team Coach for Ohio University says NIFA helps students develop their aviation skills at the regional and national levels.
Armann says on the national level, airliners come and scout for pilots. "They tend to know the ones with the most experience and the best pilots in the nation are competing in these events.  This is kind of a good foothold for people to get jobs.  Actually, a lot of people have got  their jobs because they wrote I was part of NIFA on their  resumes," Armann says.
Five collegiate teams from Ohio and Michigan will compete in a variety of ground and flight events.