Holloween Means Heightened Arrests

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The the Court Street Block Party is known as one of the Halloween traditions in Athens.

While the celebration goes on with little disruption, each year a handful of arrests occur.

“As a member of the community, I think it is a good party,” said Jim Sands, Chair of Finance & Personnel Coordinators. "Every year, we have nice involvement, and we were not having out-of-control behavior. That is enjoyable for everybody.”

The block party has been one of the most famous Halloween celebrations in the nation.

“The last few years, Halloween is busy but relatively peaceful,” said Jim Sands, Chair of Finance & Personnel Coordinators. “We like to think the students have come down and had a good time, and the city has figured out a way to handle it.”

Last year, according to the Athens County Public Information Officer (PIO) Network who spoke with Athens Police, police received 54 calls for service during the block party and arrested 78 people, 44 of which were for disorderly conduct by intoxication.

Additionally, Ohio Department of Public Safety Investigative Unit made 114 arrests for any type of offense between Friday and Sunday.

Underage people allegedly consuming, possessing, buying, ordering, or being under the influence of alcohol accounted for 82 of the arrests.

While many students do get arrested Halloween weekend, students are able to have a good time without getting in trouble.

“They need to take care of each other,” said Patrick McGee, managing Attorney at Center for Student Legal Service. “Halloween is a situation students can often find themselves where they confront some unusual circumstances. If they are by themselves, that can result either a arrest of intoxicated, or, possibly worse, victims of some sort of assault or other unpleasant situation.”