Amesville Village Council Candidate Files Complaint With Board Of Elections

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A candidate for Amesville Village Council says he feels two other candidates for office in his village may have conflicts of interest that would prevent them from running.

Brian Hines wrote a complaint letter to the Athens County Board of Elections saying Barbara Klaer is not qualified to run for village council against him because she is the co-owner of a business that the village contracts with for mowing services.

Klaer is running as a write-in candidate against Hines and Melissa Keirns.

Two of the three will be elected.

Hines also said in his complaint that Gary Goosman, who is running for mayor, has a conflict of interest because of his position with Rural Action.

Goosman is running against Randy Baker.

Athens County Prosecutor Keller Blackburn looked over the complaint and wrote a letter saying both candidates are still eligible to run for office.

Blackburn wrote, "While Mr. Hines raises concerns that may become ethical issues for either candidate if they are elected and maintain their current positions, it does not affect their ability to be a candidate for those offices.  Thus, it is my opinion that both candidates are qualified and the issues that Mr. Hines raises are a matter for post-election."