Cooler Weather Doesn’t Stop OU Crew

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Ohio University Men’s Crew is kicking off their training for the 2012 season.

Winter training for the team is a whole different level of training.

The team dedicates a significant amount of time at the gym to get their skills and muscles ready for the spring.

“You’re working on your technique and your skill and your endurance. It’s much more self than team wise, but you’re still there as a team working together,” said Crew Vice President Mike Rigol.

The winter workout agenda includes cardio training, muscle building and endurance tests.

Rigol says the team’s rigorous schedule demonstrates its dedication to scoring a win at the next regatta.

“Winter is extremely important to get all conditioning needed. We make sure we train to be the best we can be. We pull as hard or as fast as we need to, so we can get our muscles ready,” said Rigol.

Although the winter season focuses on the improvement of the individual unit, the time spent together is usually a bonding experience for the entire team. 

The team dynamic is one of the main keys to success, according to rower Chris Bucey.

“We’re racing against guys that have been rowing together since their freshman year of high school, and we have to race against them with us only being in the boats for a couple months,” said Crew Treasurer Chris Bucey.

Last year, the team placed in the top 10 in at the Dad Vail Championship, a competitive regatta.

The team hopes to continue its success with the winter season’s combination of team morale building and individual conditioning.