Residents Speak Out Against Proposed Strip Mine

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Athens County residents made it clear last night that they are against a proposed coal strip-mining project in Bern Township.  
The Ohio Department of Natural Resources hosted a public conference yesterday (Wednesday) afternoon to hear input on the project.
Nearly 50 people spoke out on the dangers of the potential mine, citing environmental and health risks.  
Citizens were allowed to speak publicly as well as submit written comments.
Those who chose to speak were given a set time of three minutes.
One man who spoke out against the mining project says that it would release harmful particles into the air, which would severely affect his young daughter who has breathing problems.
"As I understand it, this mine would likely mean dust and particulate matter in the air.  So where am I gonna take Abby?  I can't take her to Joy Hollow.  What am I gonna do if I bring her there, and she gets sick?"
Save Our Local Environment is one of the groups that has come out against the mine.  
It's estimated that a decision on whether or not the permit application will be granted won't happen for a few months.