Meigs Co. Farmer Happy With Milk Labeling Decision

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A Meigs County dairy farmer is celebrating after a rule change about the way milk is packaged and labeled.

The rule implemented in 2008 had organic farmers in the area upset.

The rule required that milk boasting to be free of the synthetic bovine growth hormone rBST print a disclaimer on the container stating that the Food and Drug Administration says there's no significant difference between milk produced by cows given the hormone and cows that aren't.

Opponents had said the rule made it costly to produce labels and market the milk.

Yesterday, The Ohio Department of Agriculture agreed to withdraw this rule.

Warren Taylor is the owner of Snowville Creamery in Pomeroy and says he's glad that this decision was made. 

Taylor says that the change in this rule is not only good for certain producers, but consumers as well.

"I think this is a really wonderful decision that's going in the right way with regards to the consumer's right to know how their food is produced," says Taylor.

The Ohio Department of Agriculture agreed to withdraw the dairy-labeling rule if opponents drop a claim seeking $1.3 million in legal fees garnered from a multi-year court battle.