Little Out-Of-State Student Interest In Election

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Many Ohio University students who are not Ohio natives may feel differently than those from the state.

In fact, many out-of-state students continue to not vote. 

“I wish I could say I was heading in to vote. It takes so much effort,” says senior Adam Flango.

Many students feel like their votes do not count or that any of the decisions made will not affect them.

Flango feels that he’ll care more about issues that affect voters as time passes. 

“I think there will come a time, probably when I’m older, that I’ll start voting,” Flango says.  “I’ll have a job and I’ll be older and it will be more important to me.”

Other students may vote, but feel a stronger allegiance to their hometown.

New York senior Alex Wex feels that he has more knowledge about issues in his home state.

“No, I won’t vote here. I’ll probably go back home to vote,” says Wex. “I know more about those issues and it affects me more. So I will go back home and vote there.”