Cutler Residents To Rally For Bridge Repair

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A Cutler woman hopes a rally this afternoon will draw attention to a bridge she says is in desperate need of repair.

Christine McVicar says the bridge, located in Washington County at the junction of Big Run Road and County Road 329, has been closed since July.
The bridge is set to be repaired in 2014, but McVicar says local residents can't wait that long. "And it does have an impact on Athens in the fact that many of us shop in Athens and socialize in Athens as well. We just want to draw attention to the fact that there's a lot of infrastructure that needs to be repaired or replaced and they would.  This is an opportunity to create jobs," said McVicar.
McVicar also questions the safety of the roads for the current detour.
She says the back roads are known to be neglected in the winter and are prone to flooding in the spring.
McVicar says she expects around 30 residents to attend the rally at the bridge at 1 p.m.