Federal Hocking Girls Preview: The Iron 5 Has Some Help

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The days of watching the “Iron Five” are now over for the Lady Lancers and they hope the losses fade away with the name as well. The Fed Hock Lady Lancers may not have had the best record in the league last year, in fact they had the worst, however they had to have been the toughest team. The Lancer’s had the rare opportunity to play every regular season game with just five players which meant the ladies had to be tough and fight through pain and fatigue. Gone are those days and the Lancers hope a plethora of freshman can step up and compliment these fearless women from a year ago.

The Lancers are coming off a winless 0-21 season but now have experience and depth at their hands. Sophomores Cheyenne Singer, Alex Putman, Whitney Gillan, and Ashton Cale are all returning starters from the “Iron Five” and expect to carry less of a load this season. To compliment last years starters are seven freshmen, all of whom are competing for playing time. The Lady Lancers also add veteran leadership with the addition of senior Vanessa Knopp who returns to the team after a two year hiatus. Sophomore leader Cheyenne Singer is back and teams may have an even harder time containing the double double machine this season. Singer now has the privilege to receive a break for the hard work that she displays in the paint, which can be bad news for teams trying to contain a fresh Singer all game. Singer made the Girls All-Hero Team as a freshman and stated that her goal this year was to increase her assist count.

Head Coach Jeff McKibbens is returning to the position after taking a year off. "It's a work in progress," he said. "They played under a little bit of a different system last year so we are all trying to get prepared on the same page”. The Lancers must get on the same page in a hurry as they open up their season with a very tough task in Nelsonville-York. The days of the “Iron Five” are now over and the ladies hope that the lessons and stamina they gained from a year ago can provide them their first win in two years.