Athens Restaurant Could Be Featured On Food Network

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Opening a new restaurant comes with a lot of decisions to make.

Cuisine, décor and theme are just a few.  

The owners of Athens' newest restaurant are facing those decisions, plus the possibility of national exposure.

The Food Network is looking for food entrepreneurs who are trying to start a new restaurant.

And the network's sights appear to be set on featuring Todd and Tuti Wilson as they prepare to cut the ribbon on their Sol restaurant.  

If the business is selected by Food Network to be part of a show, the Wilsons could get some coaching from a celebrity chef and restaurateur.

"They want to focus on people who are tying to break away from their dead end jobs and careers that they really don't like and embrace something new," says restaurant owner Todd Wilson.

The Sol Restaurant offers cuban dishes. Wilson already ran a cuban food buggy in town with his wife, but he says the Sol restaurant goes a step further.

"There are many hispanics out there who are craving authentic hispanic cuisine. You know you can get mexican food anywhere. But to get authentic hispanic cuisine that is from a completely different nature like Cuban, Portuguese or any kind of these is difficult to find some place," says Wilson.

Sol means "sun" and the restaurant will attempt to bring that warmth and Caribbean flair to the city.

"It's going to be a tropical place. When you come up the alley, you see the colors of the sunset and the colors of the sunset carry over into the restaurant. You have the reds and the oranges," says Wilson.

The Wilsons also say they want to organize events like Key West or South Beach nights.

"The concept is that you would come here and have the same kind of experience that you would have if you were on vacation in an island somewhere and you are looking for a place to go out for dinner," says Wilson.