Rep. Bill Johnson Says Payroll Tax Cut Is About Jobs

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With all the brouhaha in Washington over taxes and spending, WOUB News thought it was a good time to check in with our representative there.

Republican Rep. Bill Johnson of Marietta serves the 6th Congressional district.
We asked Johnson about President Barack Obama's proposal on a payroll tax cut and jobless benefits and House passage of a bill that extends the payroll tax holiday and extends and reforms unemployment benefits.
"We represent the American people," he says, "and what the American people are saying is that this is about jobs – creating opportunties for our job creators to create jobs."
Democrats claim Republican leaders have spent too much time catering to the tea party and conservatives instead of negotiating with Democrats about the tax cut.
There had been a stalement over funding of the cut but that ended when Democrats backed away from their demand for higher taxes on millionaires.       
The tax break expires December 31 and Johnson says the Democrats need to act to meet the deadline.
Earlier this month, Johnson filed for re-election for his eastern and southeastern Ohio district, which has been reconfigured for the 2012 election.
We wanted to talk about that, too.
"The new district lines represent all of the current district with minor changes," he says.  "I look forward to getting to know the (new) folks in Carroll, Harrison and Guernsey and Jackson, Tuscarawas and Muskingum counties."
Also running is a Democrat from Jefferson County, Cas Adulewicz.