November Pipeline Explosion Incident Report Released

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The November gas pipeline explosion in Meigs County that destroyed a Homer Township farmhouse cost more than $1.6 million in public and private property damage.

According to a Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration incident report, the Tennessee Gas pipeline that ruptured November 16th released 79,000 cubic feet of natural gas.
The report also estimates the potential impact radius was nearly 700 feet from the point of explosion.
The 36-inch, 48-year-old pipe was part of a 14,000-mile interstate line that runs from eastern Texas to the Northeast.
A spokeswoman for the El Paso Corporation parent company to Tennessee Gas says a third-party contractor will conduct a metallurgic report for the PHMSA by January 1st.
The couple whose home was one of three destroyed in a gas line explosion say they are ready to move on with their lives despite losing almost everything they owned.
No one was killed or seriously injured in the natural gas explosion. Cathy and John Sayers say they are grateful for that. Cathy Sayers was home alone and says she thought the world was ending when the house began shaking and she heard a roar that sounded like a jet plane.
She walked out of the house, which authorities say was destroyed by radiant heat from the blast.
The exact cause of the explosion has not been determined.