Snowville Creamery Trying To Raise Money To Produce Yogurt

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Snowville Creamery, a small milk processing plant in Meigs County that uses sustainable farming practices and production, is now planning an expansion to produce yogurt.

CEO and founder of the creamery Warren Taylor says they are hoping to raise money through a website called kickstarter.

"We looked into it and found that this is a growing way- it's also called crowd financing. You actually propose your project, make a video, put it up through kickstarter and then you're asking for donations," says Taylor.

The project is estimated to cost the creamery $50,000, but Taylor says they already own most of the equipment needed to make yogurt.

"We basically just need a packaging machine so we'll be able to get into it for a relatively small amount of money," says Taylor.

Taylor added that once the project is complete, they should be in the yogurt production market in as little as six weeks.

Taylor appeared on WOUB's Newswatch television program last night.