Good Works 10th Annual Walk For the Homeless Today

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Good Works Incorporated is having its annual Walk for the Homeless in Athens today.     

This is the 10th year that Good Works founder and director Keith Wasserman and his group have staged the walk.
The walk is also used to generate financial support for Good Work's shelter for the rural homeless in Athens. The goal is for each walker to bring in $100.     
Good Works relies on private donations for almost 75 percent of its funding. "This has been a very difficult year at the…Timothy House," said Wasserman, referring to the 24-hour emergency shelter in Athens. 
"We have not been able to help a lot of people," he says, "because we did not have the space to house them."
He says most of the people denied service because of a lack of space have "been families with children."
"This is unprecedented in our history…We are challenged by this situation yet remain hopeful that our community will recognize the growing number of vulnerable citizens without homes and will take steps to assist them," said Wasserman.