O.U. Professor Says Jobs Number One Concern Of Ohioans In Primary

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An Ohio University professor and statehouse news reporter says jobs and the economy are the issues that will dictate who Ohio voters choose in the March Republican Presidential Primary.

"Obviously in Ohio right now, the number one concern is employment security. Do I have a job? Can I find a job? Can my son, daughter, friend, husband find a job? I think the economy would have to be ranked number one right now in terms of the concern of the everyday Ohioan," says Tom Suddes.

Suddes says Ohio is a test market state and is a good indicator for what other states might do.

A new poll Mitt Romney in front of the Republican pack among GOP voters in the buckeye state.

The Quinnipiac University poll released yesterday also shows 51 percent of overall registered voters in the state say President Barack Obama does not deserve a second term.

Suddes says things will become clearer after the South Carolina Primary, but points out that there is still plenty of time left for things to change.

"We always have to be aware as residents of this country of the possibility of some foreign policy concern, if some crisis were to emerge in which either the current administration would show leadership or success or had difficulty facing it, that could change the dynamic of the campaign," says Suddes,

Suddes was a guest last night on WOUB Television's NewsWatch.