Active Warrants To Be Posted On Facebook

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People with open warrants in Athens County can expect to get mail from the sheriff soon.

Sheriff Pat Kelly is introducing a new program to resolve hundreds of criminal cases that have piled up.

There are more than 2,000 active warrants in Athens County.

Kelly will be sending out letters, asking offenders to pay their fines, serve their jail time or otherwise clear their warrants.

"I'm hoping that people do the right thing and come forward. It's their responsibility to have these things taken care of. And it's my responsibility to make sure they do," says Kelly.

If people don't get in touch within 10 days of receiving the letter, the sheriff's office will make the offender's information public.

That means photos, addresses and charges will be published in local media and on websites like Facebook.

The sheriff is optimistic this will work at least with some people and hopes that he can save money.  Kelly also hopes to reduce the risk for deputies because they wouldn't have to go out and make the arrests.