Group Asks Athens County Commisisoners To Support Fracking Protection Resolution

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Athens County Commissioners are trying to decide what to do with a draft fracking resolution presented to them by a group of concerned citizens.

The group met with commissioners this morning and are concerned about deep shale drilling and horizontal fracturing.

The resolution asks commissioners to establish baseline water testing in the county in order to monitor levels of potentially dangerous fracking chemcials that could appear in the county's water supply.

"I think we are moving along toward getting some protections and some statments from the commission that will serve to indicate the need for protection of our county from this industry,"  says Heather Cantino from the Buckeye Forest Council.

Cantino says she has researched the impact of fracking on the environment.

"We all will be affected by fracking", Cantino says, "our local food industry, farmers, all of those who rely on organic farming and businesses that rely on food like the village bakery."

The resolution calls upon the commissioners to establish a committee that will ensure protection against the controversial drilling process.  

"I think it went well", Cantino said after talking to the board. "I expect to get results out of this meeting; action, a voice… We will continue working with the commissioners and educating people about the risks of fracking."

The resolution also asks the commission to support Athens residents at the state and congressional level in their fight to regulate fracking.

Commissioners took no action on the proposal today, but Commissioner Larry Payne says they will review and possibly revise it at their next meeting on Tuesday.