OU Group Dealing With New Federal Energy And Climate Policies

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The federal government is releasing new energy and climate polices that'll apply across the country.  But what does that mean for us here in Ohio?

The Ohio University Consortium for Energy, Economics, and the Environment is trying to figure that out.

Scott Miller is the director of the group and says they've been working to calculate how many greenhouse gases the state produces.

"What we did was we captured all of that information and we put it into a massive database. We linked it to mapping software that we've developed and we've put it on our website,, so that folks can see what the major emissions are in the state of Ohio," says Miller.

He says they've created techniques that should help Ohio reduce those numbers.

"Those are strategies like increasing renewable energy, carbon sequestration, whether it be through agriculture practices, capturing it and sequestering it underground and so forth," says Miller.

They've even gone so far as to create a model that can estimate the costs of whatever prevention plan the state chooses.

That's with the help of a similar group from Ohio State University.

Miller was a guest on WOUB's Newswatch program on Friday.