Sticking Points At Hocking Are Outsourcing And Job Security

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A spokesman for the support staff at Hocking College says the workers are trying to save their jobs.

And that's why they voted down a proposed contract and are willing to strike.

Union spokesman Will Alder told WOUB News that outsourcing and job security "are the two main unresolved issues between the administration and the union."

Alder says the college wants contract language that allows "the administration to outsource 10 bargaining unit positions over the next three years."

He says the college also wants to restrict employee bumping rights.

A Hocking College spokeswoman has said "negotiations are taking place on the backdrop of unprecedented financial challenges and state funding reductions."

Laura Alloway also says, "Through a new support staff contract, Hocking College needs to acquire the tools and flexibility to effectively manage our changing circumstances."

At the moment, the two sides have no plans to return to the bargaining table.