Hocking College Employees Plan To Picket Today

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Hocking College employees will be picketing today in protest of what they deem sub-standard working conditions with unfair pay.

Linda Repko, spokeswoman for the Hocking College Support Staff union, says if the administration continues to misuse money and mistreat workers, quote, "the college [will close] because all you have are over-paid administrators, no students, and no town to call home."
The union claims the Hocking College Administration has proposed sub-contracting jobs formerly held by union workers to cheaper laborers from outside of Nelsonville to save cost.
Hocking College officials were unavailable for comment, but previously spokeswoman Laura Alloway told WOUB News that the negotiations will give the college more flexibility while operating in a challenging financial climate.
However, Repko says that money has been used to create more administrative positions and hire a nationally-acclaimed chef. 
Union spokesman Will Alder says the union workers' priority is to protect outsourced jobs and the right to bargain.
Alder says employees have been negotiating since April 2011 and working without a formal contract since July of 2011.