Hocking College Implements New Contract For Union Workers

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Hocking College is implementing a new contract for a group of union workers who voted that contract down recently.

"The college exercised our right to unilaterally implement the terms of our final offer to the union effective today," said Laura Alloway, Hocking College spokeswoman.

Alloway said that the college is providing the union until Monday to review the contract revisions of the terms of employment with their members. She said changes to the employment terms which reflect the final offer to the union will be posted on the Hocking College website.

Hocking College Education Association-Support Staff spokesperson Will Alder says the union will contest the action by the college.

He pointed out the union still has the option of striking.

The union and the college tried and failed to negotiate a working and wage agreement to replace one that expired last summer.

Despite earlier threats of a walkout, members met Sunday and voted not to, at least not now.