Hocking College Workers Reject Contract

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By a vote of 36 to 7, the Hocking College Education Association Support Staff has turned down a new contract.

It happened last night, setting the stage for a possible strike in just a matter of days.

The proposed contract was the "last, best offer" by the college.

Union spokesman Will Alder says contract language allowing an outsourcing of jobs is one big objection by the members.

Another is the college's denial of "bumping rights" which would allow more senior employees to move into different positions if theirs are eliminated.

Hocking spokeswoman Laura Alloway expressed disappointment with the vote and called the contract a fair one which balances the desires of the union with the difficult financial situation facing the college.

The Support Staff unit has already sent the college a 10 day strike notice which apparently allows the workers to take a job action as soon as Monday.

The vote tomorrow is to decide whether to actually carry out that threat.