New Look, New Location For Former Regis Salon

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The Regis Hair Salon on Court Street is no more, but a new salon will take its place thanks to a local business owner.

Quinn Schaller, owner of Big Mamma’s Burritos, plans to reopen Court Street Cuts as an independent business next to his eatery and retain the former Regis employees.

Former Regis manager Kenn Moore explained he was shocked when he found out in January that area supervisors were closing the shop.

“I was like, ‘Whoa, why us?’ The Regis in the mall doesn’t do as well as we do, but they’re still open,” Moore said. “We were one of the busier Regis salons in town, and they had already told us our shop would not be closed down.”

When looking for another salon to continue working, Moore encountered difficulties when trying to join places such as barbershops.

“The measurements I had to have compared to what a barber has to have to work are completely different, so that fell through,” Moore said.

Demi Paulus, an Ohio University junior, said she frequently went to Regis because of the unique atmosphere.

“I tried other places around Athens and I really didn’t care for them, but when I came to Regis I found the salon person I really liked to go to all the time,” Paulus said.

When Regis did close, however, Paulus chose not to look around and find a new favorite business.

“I was just crossing my fingers, hoping they would open again and now I’ve heard that they are,” said Paulus.

Moore looks forward to hiring several of his former stylists and is happy that he won’t be part of a corporation.

“Instead of a big corporation ordering stuff for us that we don’t want, it will be more personal," said Moore. "What our clients want is what we will order for them.”