Low-Cost Domes Extend Growing Season For Local Farmers

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Winter months often mean a slow down for local agriculture producers, but a new structure could help lengthen the growing season.

Rural Action's Matt Moore the organization says plastic structures known as hoop houses are popping up on farms around the state. Rural Action is hosting an educational workshop today in Chesterhill Ohio to provide information on growing practices, low-cost maintenance and construction.
Moore says the hoop houses help extend the time a farmer can grow produce.
"Farmers are usually cut off here in the United States or at least the midwest by the cool temperatures and the decrease in sunlight to stop growing and that means their businesses sort of shut down for the winter," explained Moore. "But, if they can keep them going all year long that means they can hire workers year long and supply people with healthy good food."
Moore says farmers around the US are taking advantage of this opportunity.
Rural Action is working to spread the word around Athens.
"In farms around cities I think where the knowledge is spreading where they're having more education more training, they're definitely becoming a lot more popular. That's what we're trying to get going around here for our local farmers in Athens. for the Athens farmers markets, just to help produce auction," said Moore.
Rural Action employees expect between 60 and 80 attendees at today's workshop.  Moore said people from Cuyahoga County and Cincinnati have called, interested in participating as well.