Athens County Bans Euthanization By Gassing

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It's a good day for dog lovers in Athens County. 

County Commissioners decided today that the Athens County Dog Shelter will no longer euthanize dogs through a controversial gas chamber method. 

From now on, Athens County will only euthanize dogs by injection.

This process takes up less time and is less painful for the dogs.  

"It's awesome", says Athens County Animal Advocates co-founder Sarah Robles. "We've been working on this since October and the fact that the commissioners have finally listened to the citizens of Athens County and that our dogs are going to be treated humanely… It's amazing. I'm so happy."

A citizen of Athens County, Les Cornwell, offered commissioners to pay for the dismantling of the gas chamber. 

Commissioner Lenny Eliason says that even if nobody had offered to cover these costs, the county would have at least put a stop the controversial gassing method.  The injection method will be implemented starting Friday.