Holzer Clinic And Holzer Health System Integrating

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Holzer Clinic and Holzer Health System announced Friday they will be integrating into one entity, known as Holzer Health System.

The new Holzer is a regional health system with an integration of two hospitals, 15 clinical locations, a dental care facility, and multiple long-term care entities.

The system will provide a range of services including inpatient hospital services, outpatient clinical needs, cardiovascular and cancer services, orthopedic surgeries, weight loss needs, and a division devoted to long-term care.

"The amount of efforts put forth for the integration by our providers, administrators, and employees has been overwhelming. We applaud each of our staff members in their efforts to be One Holzer System, and look forward to a bright future," said Dr. T. Wayne Munro, Holzer Health System Chief Executive Officer.

It features more than 2500 employees, including more than 150 physicians in more than 30 specialties.

Holzer has been a part of the tri-state region for over 100 years.