Chillicothe Effort Moves To Second Clean Up Zone

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The city of Chillicothe is rolling out the second stage of a process meant to clean up blighted properties. 

Mayor Jack Everson says he is now working to enforce a targeted nuisance enforcement zone on East Main Street.
The city previously worked with residents on Western Avenue to remove trash and junk cars from their yards.
Everson says he wants Chillicothe to be represented in the best light.
"We're embarking on this program to get a better handle on properties that don't represent our city in the best light and basically announced in the council meetings prior to enforcement passed through a specific area street by street that we'll have our nuisance officer patrolling," said Everson.
Everson says the process is not about publicly shaming anyone. 
"It's all anonymous, I'm not naming names or soliciting addresses or anything like that but putting out the general word and after just starting the first target are and completing that and moving on to our second target area in town, boy, the first target area the people really complied with that," said Everson.
Everson is working on a plan to offer large item pick-up services for the Chillicothe residents.
He says he wants to find a way to make sure the program doesn't cost the city additional money.