OU Board Of Trustees Approve Tuition Increases

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The Ohio University board of trustees approved a 3.5 percent tuition and general fee increase Friday morning for students on the Athens campus.

That's roughly a $345 increase that drives the school's tuition and fees above the $10,000 mark for the first time.

OU said the requested increase will allow the university to invest in instructional capacity, technology to support the work of students and faculty and student support services including advising and programming. The university said the revenue generated from the increase will also fund scholarships to help offset higher tuition costs.
Trustees also backed a 3.5 percent increase in room rates and a 1.5 percent hike in board rates, for a $255 increase.

The board also approved charging one tuition rate at all five regional campuses.

Currently, there are slightly lower rates at the Eastern and Southern campuses, and different rates for lower-division and upper-division students at all of the regional campuses. Lower-division students are classified as students with less than 92 completed credits.

OU said that the elimination of these two categories will reduce confusion among students and staff in transfer credit evaluation, billing and financial aid processing.

The change to one rate will slightly raise the lower division tuition and slightly decrease the upper division tuition for a net effect of a 0.43 percent increase.