Athens Parks And Recreation Department Seeks Public Input On Future

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The City of Athens Arts, Parks and Recreation department is still considering how to move forward with a master plan for the department's future.

The department held a public forum Wednesday night at the Athens Community Center to seek input from Athens residents about the quality of the department's programs and facilities.

Paul Logue, Athens city planner, said the department is trying to decide what is best for the City of Athens and will ensure that the decisions reflect what the community wants.

"We need to make sure that the decisions that are made are not made in a vacuum and that when we make decisions with what to do and how to do it, that those decisions are rooted in what the community wants and what the community thinks we should be working on," Logue said.

The city planning office is working with an Ohio University graduate class to hand out surveys for public input.

Logue said the class will gather the results and hold a presentation for the city at the end of the academic quarter to determine how the department will proceed.