Joint Police Advisory Committee Seeks Public Input

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The Athens Joint Police Advisory Council offered community members a chance to discuss their concerns in a public forum Thursday night at Ohio University’s Walter Hall.

A main topic those in attendance was the lighting on the streets of Athens.

Most Ohio University students have to walk from place to place and the community is concerned the streets aren’t well-lit for them.

Athens Police Chief Tom Pyle says last week, the Joint Police held a city safety tour to locate these dark spots.

“The real focus was on getting current and existing street lights repaired so that they are functional,” said Pyle.

Members from the Athens Astronomical Society came to the meeting to ask questions about new street lights.

They are concerned the lights might shine into the night sky.

Athens City Council member Steve Patterson (D-At Large) says the city is working on energy efficient lights.

“One of the possibilities that we’ve been working on with city council and city officials have been working on is energy efficiency in the city and along with that comes the possibility of down the road being able to slowly change out the required ordinances to make that happen,” said Patterson.

The Joint Police Advisory Council plans to hold a community forum once a year in the future.