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Application for Joint Facility for All Safety Services May Pass

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An application may be sent to the local government for a grant to fund a joint facility to house Athens City, Athens County, and Ohio University safety services if passed.

The idea was introduced last night at the Athens City Council meeting by council member Steve Patterson, who is also running for Athens city mayor.

The ordinance is asking for a $50,000 grant through the Local Government Innovation Fund.

Patterson claims the City of Athens would not need to partake in any funding, but the facility would all be paid for by the grant.

“It could potentially save the City of Athens some money with the police department,” Patterson said. “We could actually house everybody in one strategic location to where they have equal speed of access to get out,” he added.

The location of the facility is unknown.

The decision as to whether the ordinance will be passed is expected to be made by September, according to Patterson.